Alia Group Inc. Is located in Newark, DE, USA since 2003, Our innovative products and systems integrate the latest technologies to meet the evolving needs of public or private energy and water suppliers, utility services and industrial companies such as flow measurement

Alia flow meter provides all types of flow meter is a registered trademark in the United States and the production is made in a variety of flow meter manufactured in china.

Model and Type Alia Flow meter

AMF900 Series is a flange type Electromagnetic Flow meter ideal for conductive  liquids. It comes  in sizes from 6 to 2000 mm.
AMF900 is widely used for tap-water,  waste water, food & beverage
Pulp & Paper and many other industrial fluid.
AMF900 Series electromanetic flowmeter could be used in compact or separate model with AMC Series converter of electromagnetic Flowmeter.

AMC2100E Series
AMC2100E series Converter With temperature/energy function can be used with AMF series flowmeter in both compact or separate versions. …

AMF500 Series

AMF500 Series is a wafer type electromagnetic Flowmeter ideal for conductive liquids. It comes in sizes from 25 to 200 mm.
AMF500 is widely used for …