EX90 Battery Powered Insertion Magnetic flowmeter

General Information

The EX90-series battery powered, insertion electromagnetic flow meter is
designed for use with conductive fluids in 4”–12” pipe. The EX90’s stainless
steel body allows the meter to operate in a wide range of temperatures,
pressure, and corrosive or dirty environments.
The EX90 is highly suitable for difficult applications. With no moving parts,
these meters can be used in “dirty water” applications where debris would
foul a mechanical meter. If the EX90 meter is used with a programmable
controller, the output signal can be fed direct, with no other conditioning
Rate and total units can be set via the front panel touch key pad by the user.
Bidirectional flow is standard with totals available in forward, reverse, net,
batch forward and batch reverse.
The EX90 is battery powered and an output cable is available for transmitting
the pulse signal to remote devices. The EX90 includes a Seametrics saddle
which has been designed to accommodate a wide range of pipe sizes and
types while ensuring correct placement in the pipe. In addition, an optional
internal data logger allows local storage of flow history.


•No moving parts
•Easy to install
•Easy to maintain
•Pulse Output Standard


  • Municipal water
  • Water/Wastewater treatment
  • Reuse/Reclaim water
  • Industrial processes
  • Cooling towers
  • Pump towers
  • Dewatering

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