Introduction Zenner gas meters

ZENNER Diaphragm Gas Meters impress by the sound processing of high-quality materials combined with a large number of technical details. In the manufacturing process, we use high-quality material that meets the requirements for product lifetime, security and technical precision. The Diaphragm gas meters use high-quality steel plate or aluminum alloy. The seal plate using stainless steel materials that are rust resistant.

Atmos® diaphragm meter G1.6S, G2.5S, G4S

We purely use part connections to guarantee that the gas meters are solid, safe and leakproof. All ZENNER diaphragm gas meters meet the requirements of EN1359. To be corrosion resistant using the galvanized powder coated sheet steel.

For residential diaphragm gas meters, you can choose rotary gas meters for higher flow rates in our product range. In Indonesia, the Diaphragm gas meters used in apartments, residential house, hotel, restaurant, and industrial settings.

Atmos® HP diaphragm meterAtmos® diaphragm gas meter IG1.6S, IG2.5S, IG4SAMR-System for Gas Meters

Gas Meters for residential, commercial and industrial settings

Atmos® - diaphragm gas meter G1.6A | G2.5AAtmos® diaphragm gas meters are the gas meters to measure the volume flow by displacement measurement.

The measuring chambers of the gas meter separated by synthetic diaphragms. The chambers are empty and filled periodically.

The diaphragm movement is transferred using gear to the crankshaft. The crankshaft moves the valves, which control the gas flow. The gear rotation is transferred to the counter via a magnetic coupling.