Horizontal Level Switch

DH Series
Level Switch
Horizontal Level Switch


The DH type level switch is used in the heavy oil, precipitate, sewage waste water, clean water, lubricating oil, and light oil tanks.

Operating principle
When the magnetic float type level switch  detects the surface level and emits the contact point output, the micro switch or reed  switch turns on or off. The two magnets completely separated by the  diaphragm each  operates. One is hanging at one end of the float and the other magnet is hanging on  the micro switch unit of housing.


  • Complete waterproof  : The switch unit is completely separated.
  • Liability  : There is no problem since the allowed  contact point capacity is large with 250VAC  and 3A.
  • Easy Maintenance and Repair  : Since it is designed in a simple structure,  the maintenance and repair is easy.
  • Firm Float : The stainless steel float welded by the  argon gas is durable to high pressure and high temperature

Model number code system

Technical Data
Dimension [mm]

  • Model DH-100F
  • Model DH-100S
  • Model DH-200S
Table for Chamber Selection
Chamber Type & Installation
Terminal & Contact for SPDT. SPS

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