JRS Parker Float Level Switch

JRS Parker Float Level Switch

JRS Parker  float Level switch is a type of level sensor, a device used to detect the level of liquid within a tank. The switch may be used to control a pump, as an indicator, an alarm, or to control other devices. One type of float switch uses a mercury switch inside a hinged float.

The purpose of a parker float level switch is to open or close a circuit as the level of a liquid rises or falls. Most float switches are “normally closed,” meaning the two wires coming from the top of the switch complete a circuit when the float is at its low point, resting on its bottom clip


  • Parker float Level Switch.pngDetection balls and detection rods are completely enclosed and thus the products are not affected by pressure, vacuum, or gases
  • The lead switch is enclosed in a glass tube containing inert gas and thus the products operate safely in combustible gases
  • When the detection ball moves up and down due to buoyancy, the lead switches fixed to the upper/lower limit contact point positions are sensed.
  • Can be used for simultaneous control of water supply/drainage or alarms for water shortage/full water by additionally installing electrode type level switches (21F-G)
  • In particular, types with the control unit not built in the products can be used in regions with the risk of explosion or cases where the location of detection is far away from the location of control by installing the power supply part and the amplification part separately
  • Depending on connections, either N.C or N.O can be used or both can be used.

Model and Specifications (built-in type) JRS Float level switch

There are two model JRS series float level switch :

  • JRS – S ( one pice float )
  • JRS – D ( two pices float )

Spesification JRS series Float level switch

  • Power supply/voltage : AC110V, AC220V/50/60Hz
  • Voltage fluctuation range :  ±10%
  • Power consumption : 2VA
  • Contact point capacity : AC250V 3A
  • Internal pressure :7kgf/cm2
  • Insulation resistance: At least 100 Ω DC 500V MEGA
  • Life : Electric: at least 500,000 times / Mechanical: at least 5,000,000 times
  • Workable temperature range : 0-80°C (Non Condencing)

How to order JRS parker float level switch

Dimensions of JRS parker Float level switch (built-in type/exterior type )


Wiring Diagram

Example of use

Catalog Float Level switch Parker

Parker Level Switch

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