Honey Well Elster Flow Meter


Elster is the competent and innovative partner in meeting the needs of the global gas industry. Our status is the worldwide leader for state-of-the-art gas measurement and regulation, electronic systems and as a provider of modular skids.
Our engineers, product specialists and our sales force are prepared to answer your technical questions and inform you about any new innovations.

Our quality assurance manual according to DIN EN ISO 9001 is mandatory for all sections of our company. The durability and reliability of our products confirm this right company concept.

there is some category of elster gas meter’s product:

Turbine meter & Quantometer

  • TRZ2 : Turbine gas meter DN50 –150, worldwide recognized as standard in high pressure flow metering
  • SM-RI-X : Turbine gas meter DN200 – 600 with extended configuration, also available as special version for High-Temperature application and the measurement of ethylene gas.
  • Turbinscope® : The Elster “TurbinScope®” represents a diagnostic-tool for turbine gas meters, while they are in operation.
  • Q-Quantometer : Short pattern turbine gas meter for industrial measurement
  • Q75-Quantometer : Short pattern turbine gas meter for pipes up to DN 750 / 30″
  • QA / QAE Quantometer : Short pattern turbine meter with aluminium housing for industrial applications

Ultrasonic meter

  • Q.SONIC : Ultrasonic gas meter with patented reflexion pathes for highest accuracy.
  • Q.SONIC-PLUS : Our new multipath custody transfer standard
  • TWIN SONIC-PLUS : Two-in-One Redundant Multi-path Ultrasonic Gas Meter for Custody Transfer Measurement

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