HD1200 Open Channel Flow Meter

An Open Channel Flow Meter manufactured Honda electronic Japan  is an all-in-one solution for any open channel flow or liquid tank level application. The TS40-5 Transducer  can be used as a stand alone sensor or paired with the HD1200 Transmitter for a metering system with unparalleled specifications. As a stand alone level sensor the HD1200  meter has a 30 cm to 60 meter range and a 4-20 mA output with HART. Easy mounting and a one-piece design makes this a rugged sensor that can withstand up to 70 ºC.


The HD1200 is the ideal choice for open channel flow as the system comes configured with standard weir and flume configurations and data logging options. Remote email alerts and data records make this meter a wise choice for remote locations as well.


  • Measures a wide range of distances:from 0.3 m to 60 m with 4 different sensor unit.
  • Four alarm output line are provided to enable various controls for each channel.
  • The RS-485 is provided as part of the standard configuration to enable remote control at a distance of up to 1,200 m.
  • The MODBUS protocol is provided as part of the standard configuration, enabling communication with a PLC.
  • Provides a function to output differences in levels(channel 1 – channel 2).
  • Standard and chemically-resistant sensors are available.
  • Weir flow meter function on channel 1.
  • Up to 4 alarm output lines.
Model No.
Number of channels
10 – 60kHz
Object to be measured
ResolutionMeasurement 1mm

Display 1mm
±0.25%F.S. (±3cm)
Date update cycle
2 sec.
Power supplyVoltage 100 – 240 VAC

Power consumption 10 VA
LCD (with backlight)
OutputAlarm output 4 lines for each channel
250VAC, 5A (Relay contact)

4-20mA current output) Resolution 1 / 4000
Interface (Max. transmission range)
RS-485 (1,200m)
RS-232C (10m)
Operating temperature
-20 to 70 deg. C
Water proof
IP66 equivalent
176 x 84 x 237 mm
1.8 kg

TS40-5 TS40-T5
Frequency (kHz)40402112
Measurement range0.3 – 20 m0.3 – 15 m0.6 – 40 m 1.2 – 60 m
Beam angle122214
Operating temperature-20 to 70-20 to 60
MaterialEpoxy, PPPVDFPVC and others
StructureIP68 equivalentIP66 equivalentIP53 equivalent
Dimensiondia. 84 x 90 mmdia. 98 x 87 mmdia. 145 x 120 mm dia. 264 x 181 mm
Sensor cord length5 m
Weight500 g860 g290 g1 kg
ScrewR1 (PT1)G1 (PF1)

Applications and examples

  • Liquid/powder level management for a tank inside a machine
  • Water level measurement for lakes,pond, or rivers
  • Application to large weir

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