The Rosemount 8750W Magnetic Flow Meter reduces lifecycle costs and unplanned shutdowns by accurately measuring water and wastewater flows in a variety of utility applications. The 8750W is supported by intelligent diagnostics that help users take advantage of improved installation, maintenance and process-management practices. With fully welded sensor construction and an isolated, replaceable terminal block the 8750W is the most dependable meter available for utility and water applications. 



Line Size                    0.5″ – 48″ (15 mm – 1200 mm)
Liner Material          PTFE, Neoprene
Electrode Material   Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloy
Flange Standard       ANSI, EN, GB , AS4087, AS2129, JIS , AWWA
Flange Rating           Up to 300# / PN40 / 4.0Mpa / PN35 / Table E / 10K / Class D
Accuracy                   Standard 0.5%; Optional High Accuracy 0.25%
Diagnostics                Empty Pipe, Grounding/Wiring Detection, High Process Noise, Coated Electrode Detection, Smart Meter Verification
Transmitter Output    4-20 mA Digital Electronics (HART Protocol), Modbus RS485



  • Maximize uptime with dual-compartment transmitter housing that isolates electronics from moisture and contamination
  • Rely on robust, fully welded construction designed to withstand sustained vibration
  • Confirm meter calibration without interrupting the process using continuous meter verification
  • Perform easy repairs in the field without the need to replace the entire meter with a replaceable terminal block
  • Advanced diagnostic capabilities and printed reports verify meter performance for compliance with regulatory agencies
  • Simplify configuration and accessibility with an easy-to-use Local Operator Interface