Vantsu SC-YC Series

Vibrating Probe Level Switch is point level switches that are designed to detect low or high levels of liquids. The SC-YC Series is based on the vibrating tuning fork principle, using piezoelectric crystals. The switch vibrates at a resonant frequency. When the tuning fork is submerged in the product, the frequency changes.




  • Mounting on the top or side of the storage vessel
  • Various Process Connections
  • No Calibration Required 


Supply Voltage : 220VAC/110VAC/24VAC/24VDC

Output : Relay 5A 220VAC

Electric Connections : M20*1.5

Working Voltage : <2PMaMaterial density: ≥0.5g/m³

Working temperature : -10~80℃(Series high temperature max 150℃)

Waste water, mud , pulp, fuel
Power plants, iron and steel , cement
Beer , beer fermentation agent, beverages and other gas liquids

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