The  RHE14  is  low  cost,  compact  and  ideal  for  OEM applications. I/O includes 4-20mA, pulse, flow direction and RS232 serial data. Programming and configuration by SensCom™ software. The RHE06 is ATEX approved for hazardous area installation  and  offers  pulse  output  and  Error  and  Flow Direction.  *The  RHE06F+  has  double  pulse  outputs with 90° phase shift for custody transfer applications


  • Low installation cost
  • Space saving DIN rail mounting housing
  • Analog output for mass flow
  • Tandem pulse outputs – one passive open collector, one active TTL
  • 2 digital status outputs
  • Digital input for external zero command
  • Metric and English units
  • Power consumption 2W
  • RS232 communications port
  • Dedicated SensCom software packages for configuration and control


  • Filling and dispensing
  • Liquid and gas applications
  • Feed stocks and transfers


  • Ideal as an embedded transmitter in OEM systems
  • Additional expansion modules available for hazardous area sensor use and PROFIBUS communications
  • Low cost mass flow only meter
  • Works with all sizes of Rheonik RHM flow sensors

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