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Power unit / Control unit

float level controller


  • It is possible to be used in the liquid level of degree of fixation.
  • The installation is simple and it is possible to adjust the on-off switch freely on-site.
  • Its durability is strong and its wiring work is easy.
  • It is possible to see the ordered situations without using the meter directly on site.
  • The multiple outputs are possible through special order.


float level controller wiring

Dimension (mm)

float level controller dimension

Standard Model and Specification

float level controller model

Float Level Indicator

  • It is a measuring device that receives a 4~20mA signal on the level sensor to notify the value of site order.
  • It orders with excellent linearity
  • This measuring device is often used in the measuring of gauges for various industries.
  • For the qualitative improvement of the product, stated items can be modified.