Float Level Switch

Float Level Switch | Quick Type Level Sensor


It makes output of on/off signal as the quick float moves up and down in which micro switch or reed switch installed. The on/off signal from the sensor controls supply/drain motor and/or high/low alarm. It is able to make up to 3 motors working together.


  • It is widely used for water tanks and tanks with high corrosiveness
  • It is widely used for tanks for drainage.
  • It is widely used for wastewater tanks
  • It is used in diverse water tanks


  • For controlling motors and alarming to control.
  • Easy to install and is generally used.
  • Widely used to wastewater tank & sewage-disposal tank.
  • Suitable for high viscosity liquid.
  • Strong against corrosion.


Mountight 2″PT or JIS 10K 100A / 80AFF
ConnectionSTD PF 1/2″
Oper. TempNone
Oper. Pressure A.T.M
MaterialFlange: Screw 2″
Cable: Soft PVC
Float: ABS
Weight : SS + PV

Operating Principle

  • By installing the micro S/W inside the quick float, it is possible to operate it to the wanted location, operate the pump, or have the alarm sound by having the float to emerge due to buoyancy to become on (point A) or off (point B).
  • It is equipped with a function to step control (have connection control) 3 motors.


Technical Data

Operating Sequence

Unit Selection Chart

Float Level Controller

Power Unit


Unit Controller Technical Data

For futher information please contact : marketing@wmablog.com

Diterbitkan oleh Rudy Wiratama


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