VPFlowScope DP Thermal Mass Flow Meter

VPFlowScope DP Thermal Mass Flow Meter for wet and dirty compressed air

The VPFlowScope® DP measures mass flow, temperature and pressure simultaneously and is optimized for hot, saturated compressed air measurements. The patented design has a bright blue LCD display which provides real-time information that, in combination with the built-in data logger, enables you to make recordings for certain periods of time. In turn, you can use our VPStudio software to process this data and print reports for real-time measurements.

Features and benefits

  • For saturated compressed air
  • Four sensors in one instrument
  • Standard Modbus and 4 … 20 mA
  • Bi-directional flow measurements


  • Air audits
  • Compressor efficiency monitoring
  • Air treatment equipment (drier/filter) monitoring

One-stop shopping: VPFlowScope DP start kit

VPInstruments offers a VPFlowScope DP start kit; an entire set of everything you need to get started immediately for a very affordable price. You don’t have to worry about ordering everything separately or to gather everything you need in order to do an audit or an installation. You just order the kit and away you go.

It includes:

  • The VPFlowScope DP (VPS.R200.P4DP.D0)
  • A three-row LCD display with 2.000.000 data points data logger
  • Flow direction sensitivity
  • A rugged explorer case
  • An interface box JB5 with 5m/16,4 ft cable (M12 connector) + 12V power supply
  • An RS485 to USB cable
  • A compression fitting with Teflon ferrule
  • A safety cable
  • A calibration report
  • An English user manual
  • VPStudio software


Flow 20 … 200 mn/sec | 65 … 650 SFPs
Bi-directional Standard
Pressure 0 … 16 bar | 0 … 250 psi gauge
Temperature -40 … 150 °C | -40 … 302 °F. Icing should be avoided
Gas types Wet compressed air, dry compressed air, nitrogen, and inert gases
Output RS485 (Modbus RTU) digital | 4 … 20 mA analog
Probe length 400 mm | 15″
Power supply 12 … 24 VDC
Approvals CE, UL/CUL

Download Datasheet: VPFlowScope

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