Brainchild SNA10A Type RS-485 to RS-232 Communication converter

The communication converter between RS-485 with RS-232.

The families of Networking products cover GSM controller, wireless Ethernet converter (also called wireless Ethernet adapter, wireless Ethernet bridge, wireless Ethernet), Ethernet converter, RS-485 to RS-232 converter, and USB converter.


  • Supports both RS-485 and RS-422 interface
  • Baud Rate: 300~38400 bit/sec configurable
  • Allows connection for 247 multi-drop units
  • Automatic data direction control for RS-485 without the need to take care of the RTS signal.
  • Precision timing control for RS-485 allows fast switching between transmit and receive.
  • Universal (90~264 VAC) AC power input
  • Isolated between RS-232 and RS-485 / 422 eliminate common-mode noise problems
  • Flexible installation: DIN rail mount or wall mount
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Baud rate300 ~ 38400 bits/sec
Parity bitNone, odd or even
Data bit8 bits
Stop bit1 or 2 bits
Connectors9-pin Female D-SUB ( RS-232), Screw type terminal block ( RS-485/422 )
Receiver threshold0.8 V min. ( RS-232 ), ±0.2 V ( RS-485/422 )
Receiver input impedance3K ~ 7 Kohm ( RS-232 ), 96 Kohm ( RS-485/422 )
Transmission modeSingle-ended ( RS-232 ), Differential ( RS-485/422 )
Transmission distance50 ft ( RS-232 ), 5000 ft ( RS-485/422 )
Common-mode voltage±25 V ( RS-232 ), +12 V, -7V ( RS-485/422 )
Driving capability32 receivers ( 12 Kohminput ), 247 receivers ( 96 Kohminput )
Power90~264 VAC, 47~63 Hz, 10VA, 4Wmax.
Breakdown Voltage2500VAC, 1minute ( power to RS-232, RS-485/422 ), 400 VAC, 1 minute ( between RS-232 and RS-485/422 )
Isolation resistance>500 MohmVS. 500 VDC
Ambient temperature0~50 C
Storage temperature-20~80 C
Mounting methodDIN rail mount or wall mount
Dimension102.5 (L) X 80 (W) X 30 (H) mm
Weight120 grams

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