EGE SDV 652 – Vortex Flow Sensor

EGE Elektronik Vortex Flow Meter

Ege water Flow Meter

The flow meter devices Series SDV 652 is based on the vortex principle. They are well suitable for applications, where a good linearity and larger measurement precision is necessary. They are insensitive to quick temperature changes and the reaction time of the device is below one second.

The vortex principle allows a flow measurement without moving parts: Behind a bluff body in the flow, vortexes are generated which are detected by the device and yield the flow velocity.

  • Flow measuring of water
  • Deviation 2% of terminal value
  • Programmable
  • Analog and PNP output



Working range 2…20 l/min
Maximum flow 25 l/min
Precision 15…50 °C < 2%, 5…60 °C < 4%
Outer diameter pipe 10 mm
Pipe connection tube fittings for steel tubes accord. to DIN 2391 / ISO 3304
ID No P11319
Type SDV 652/1 GAPP
Switching Current 200 mA
Load RL 200…500 Ω
Supply Voltage 24 DC ±10% V
Current Consumption <100 mA
Ambient Temperature 0…+60 °C
Medium Temperature 5…+60 °C
Start up-time 4.5…8 s
Reaction Time 0.5…4 s
Programmable functions switching point, hysteresis, switching output, time on/off delay, averaging, acess code
Compressive strength 10 bar
Material Housing PBT sensor: PVDF, connection AISI 316 Ti
Protection IP 65 EN 60529
Connection M12 connector
Note:Process connection in PTFE available
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