EGE Elektronik Vortex Flow Meter

Ege water Flow Meter

The flow meter devices Series SDV 652 is based on the vortex principle. They are well suitable for applications, where a good linearity and larger measurement precision is necessary. They are insensitive to quick temperature changes and the reaction time of the device is below one second.

The vortex principle allows a flow measurement without moving parts: Behind a bluff body in the flow, vortexes are generated which are detected by the device and yield the flow velocity.

  • Flow measuring of water
  • Deviation 2% of terminal value
  • Programmable
  • Analog and PNP output



Working range 2…20 l/min
Maximum flow 25 l/min
Precision 15…50 °C < 2%, 5…60 °C < 4%
Outer diameter pipe 10 mm
Pipe connection tube fittings for steel tubes accord. to DIN 2391 / ISO 3304
ID No P11319
Type SDV 652/1 GAPP
Switching Current 200 mA
Load RL 200…500 Ω
Supply Voltage 24 DC ±10% V
Current Consumption <100 mA
Ambient Temperature 0…+60 °C
Medium Temperature 5…+60 °C
Start up-time 4.5…8 s
Reaction Time 0.5…4 s
Programmable functions switching point, hysteresis, switching output, time on/off delay, averaging, acess code
Compressive strength 10 bar
Material Housing PBT sensor: PVDF, connection AISI 316 Ti
Protection IP 65 EN 60529
Connection M12 connector
Note:Process connection in PTFE available
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