Elektrogas Control Valves VF VFH

Gas Control Valve VF VFH

Gas Control Valve VF VFH

Butterfly valves for air and gas 

VF and VFH butterfly valves are designed for regulation and control of air and gas flow. Valves can be operated manually using a lever (to setup the high-fire rate of the burner) or automatically using a servomotor (modulating or staged control) or a solenoid actuator (two-stage control).

The setting can be monitored on a graduated scale, this allows precise regulation ratios. This type of device is suitable for air and gas adjustment in combustion processes, like industrial kilns, drying stoves, smelting and annealing furnaces.


  • VF –  (AlSi) : DN40 – DN150
  • VFH – (GGG) : DN40 – DN200

Operating pressure

  • VF : 0 –  500 mbar
  • VFH : 0 – 150 mbar

Media temperature

  •       VF: 60°C (200°C optional)
  •      VFH: 450°C


  • VF: EC-type tested and certified according to EN13611

Gas Type

  • VF: air and non-aggressive gases (Family 1-2-3, EN 437)
  • VFH: heated air and flue gas

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