Flow Meter Type Glass Tube

Glass Tube Flow Meter

Glass tube flowmeter type widely used for installment applications with a vertical system and the amount of flow rate can be read directly and immediately. The tube is usually made from excellent glass material, the pyrex glass.

The glass tube flowmeter type often used when pipe does not have a horizontal area because this type of flow meter does not need a large area for its installation.

Glass tube flow meter

For its application, glass tube flow meter can only stand maximum temperature at 120 C. And for this type, maximum pressure is not very high only around 10 bar. This glass tube flowmeter type only available for liquid and gas types of fluids.

If flow meter with higher working pressure is needed, around 60 bar, metal tube flow meter can be used. Glass tube flow meter basically is a type of variable area flow meter, where its work depends on the tube cross-section area. In its application, this type of flow meter is available in various materials, from stainless steel, PVC, Teflon, to aluminum material.

The accuracy of a glass tube flow meter is usually not very precise and the maximum flow rate capacity is limited to DN100 tube size. For the connection itself, usually, there are only 3, by using screw, flange and tri-clamp.

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