Fluidwell D series DIN Panel Mount Flow Indicator

Watertight DIN panel mount indicators, the better alternative for your existing, not waterproof panel meters.

Flow Indicator/Totalizer

  • D010: With very large digits
  • D011: With resettable total and nonresettable accumulated total
  • D012: Display and total simultaneously
  • D013: With high/low alarm output
  • D014: With pulse signal output
  • D016: With linearization and pulse signal output

Batch Controllers

  • D030: With one control output

Level Indicators

  • D070: With very large digits
  • D073: With one high/low alarm output
  • D074: With one control output
  • D077: With linearization and one high/low alarm output

Temperature Indicators

  • D040: With very large digits
  • D043: With one high/low alarm output

Pressure Indicators

  • D050: With very large digits
  • D053: With one high/low alarm output

General Purpose Indicators

  • D090: Input loop powered with very large digits

For further information please contact : marketing@wmablog.com

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