Hengesbach – LEVELTEC S Capasitive Level Probe

hengesbach leveltec-s capasitive level probeThe level probes of type LEVELTEC are suitable for liquid media. Due to the capacitive measuring process, the LEVELTEC devices can reliably detect a wide range of conductive and non-conductive media.

The dielectric constant (DC value) of the medium can easily be stored if the teach-in-key „HIGH“ in the level probe is briefly pressed. The LEVELTEC is factory-set to a DC value of ε=25. Even more exact detection of the switching status takes place if the Teach-In key “LOW” is pressed during the final assembly status without product medium. This has an advantage, especially with low DK values.

The devices are designed for product media temperatures of 100°C continuous and 140°C (for max. exposure of 30 minutes). As an output signal, the level probes of type LEVELTEC are equipped with an active switch output with a maximum output current of 50mA. This can be connected directly to a PLC. The LEVELTEC level probes are equipped with a G1/2” screw-in thread with the elastomer-free sealing cone as a process connection.To enable adaption to the process, weld-in sockets and various adapters, e.g. for VARIVENT®, DIN11851 conical couplings, etc. are available.

The probe tip, the only component in contact with the medium, is manufactured from FDA-compliant PEEK. The housing and the extension tube of the process connection are made of 1.4301 (304). The LEVELTEC level probes with the NAM1FTP16 adapter socket, taking into account the medium conditions, provide a suitable alternative to level measurements based on the vibration principle.

The LEVELTEC L capacitive level probe is used specifically for low level (empty) detection at tank bottoms for pasty and adhesive media. The LEVELTEC LR capacitive level probe is used specifically for pump protection for pasty and adhesive media in pipes. Due to its construction of an inactive extension of the measuring pipe, the LEVELTEC L is insensitive to product deposits, thereby guaranteeing reliable detection. Due to the temperature resistance of the device, sterilization and CIP cleaning can be performed.

The output signal can be connected directly to a PLC or PLS for further processing. The hygienic adaptation to the process is ensured by corresponding welded-in parts and flush-mounting. The adaptation to the DK values of the respective media can be infinitely adjusted in the device


  • LEVELTEC S – Level Detection
    • For level detection of liquid media, regardless of conductivity
    • Foam and condensate are not detected
    • Simple parametrization with teach-in key
    • Applicable also for pump protection
    • Vibration-resistant, universally applicable
  • LEVELTEC L – Minimum Detection / LEVELTEC LR – Pump protection
    • Especially for limit detection with pasty media and strong adhesive product
    • Product monitoring in pipes /pump /dry running protection
    • Intensive to foam
    • Especially for installation in piping (LEVELTEC LR)
    • Teach-in key


General Detail
Device type/measuring principle LEVELTEC / capacitive for detection of liquid media
Output signal active, 50mA max. (PNP), short-circuit-proof
Switching function Full/empty level indication specified by the polarity of the auxiliary voltage, a constant indication by 2-colour LED
Time delay 0.1 s non-adjustable
Version The standard version, set to a dielectric constant (DC value), factory setting ε=25
Parametrized by pressing on teach-in key „HIGH“ (3…4 seconds) in the device, a probe must be covered
Auxiliary energy resources
Supply voltage 12…36 V DC, max. 45 mA (bei 24 V DC) without switching load
Immunity to interference CE-conformity is fulfilled
Conditions of use
Installation position see installation instructions
Setting Press and hold teach-in „HIGH“ key for approx. 3 seconds; probe must be covered when settings are created
Press teach-in key “LOW” for approx. 3 seconds. The probe should be covered by adhesives.
Medium temperature -20…+100°C, short duration 140°C for max. 30 min
Ambient storage temperature -20…+65°C
Max. operating pressure 10bar (with TEM1FTP16 weld-in socket)
Protection class acc. to EN60529 IP 67 and IP 69K with M12-plug and mating plug
Electrical connection M16x1.5 cable screw connection – nickel-plated brass, or
M12x1 plug-in connector, nickel-plated brass (stainless steel available on request)
Tightening torque max. 5-10Nm (during initial assembly)
Process connection G1/2“ with elastomer-free sealing cone (TP16)
Materials – Field housing/lid:
– Housing seal:
– Process connection/extension tube:
– Messspitze:
CrNiSt 1.4301 (304)
CrNiSt 1.4305

instalation hengesbach leveltec s capasitive level probe



Due to their high flexibility and short installation lengths, the level probes of type LEVELTEC are suitable both for applications in metallic tanks, for emp-ty or full level indication, as well as for use in metallic pipes,e. g.as pump protection.

During assembly, it is essential to ensure a flawless electrically conductive connection be-tween LEVELTEC and tank or pipe. Do not use insulating material such as Teflon tape! To guarantee reliable detection in pipes, the LEVELTEC level probes should not be installed at 12 or 6 o’clock.

The sensor tips made in PEEK are sensitive to mechanical influences. Therefore, it is important to take extreme care when installing these parts. Mechanically damaged parts are not covered by the warranty. Furthermore, a minimum distance of 0.5 m must be maintained during cleaning with high-pressure and jet spray cleaning devices

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