Ryuki EW Series Differental Pressure Flow meterInstantaneous flow rate and integrated flow rate can be measured.
LCD display with backlight.
Can measure up to 300A

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Measuring fluid Liquid, water, industrial water
Gas Air, nitrogen, etc.
Flow measurement range 1: 5
Output signal DC4 ~ 20mA
Power supply 2-wire DC24V
Load resistance 500Ω
Maximum pressure 2MPa
Measuring fluid temperature -10 ℃ ~ 90 ℃
Transmitter mass 600g
Connection method Flange type (JIS 5k JIS10k)
Port size 25A ~ 300A
accuracy Within ± 3% FS
Block material SUS304, SUS316, BS (brass)
Orifice material SUS304, SUS316
Flow direction Right → left
Field indicator LCD3 1/2 digit
On-site accumulator LCD 6 digits

Reference: http://www.ryuki.jp

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