Specification Digital Flow DGT-025SIH- Oval gear Sensor

DG Flow Oval Gear Flow Meter

DGT-025SIH flow meter


(standard installation position)
Fluid &Ambient temperature -40 to 150°C
Maximum working pressure 15MPa
Pulse unit(K-FACTOR) 100 P/liter 0.01 liter/P
Flow-rate range (±1% RS) 400 – 5,000 L/H
Output signal NPN open collector
Power voltage 3~24V DC, Max 60mA
Connection / Pipe Size PT 1″ (External thread)
Main materials Rotor and casing: stainless steel
O-ring: Viton
Shaft: stainless steel
Dimension (mm) 110x90x77


For more information please contact our Email : Marketing@wmablog.com

Diterbitkan oleh Rudy Wiratama


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