Seametrics PS98i 4-20mA Submersible Pressure Transmitter

Seametrics PS98i 4-20mA Submersible Pressure Transmitter

The Seametrics PS98i pressure transmitters are rugged and accurate with great noise immunity, transient protection, and thermal performance.These pressure sensors have been designed to provide trouble-free submersible operation in liquid environments. Pressure is measured with an extremely rugged and stable piezo-electric, media isolated pressure element and calibrated with well established calibration procedures and NIST traceable equipment.

The PS98i sensors are thermally compensated, making them great where water temperatures vary, as they are thermally stable (2% over 50 degrees standard).These industry standard, 2-wire, 4-20mA devices offer reverse polarity protection, under- and over-current limitation, and built-in transient protection.


HousingWeight0.8 lb. (0.4 kg)
Length8.44” (21.4 cm)
Diameter0.75” (1.9 cm)
Body MaterialAcetal and 316 stainless or optional titanium
Wire Seal MaterialFluoropolymer and PTFE
CableCableSubmersible: Polyurethane, polyethylene, or ETFE available
Desiccant1-3 mm indicating silica gel
Field ConnectorAvailable as an option
Operating Temperature RangeRecommended: -5 ̊ to 70 ̊C (23 ̊ to 158 ̊F) Requires freeze protection if using in the water below freezing.
Transmitter Voltage9-24Vdc (100ms warmup)
PressureElementSilicon strain gauge transducer, 316 stainless or Hastelloy
Accuracy±0.25% FSO (static, B.F.S.L. 20 ̊C)
RangeGaugePSI: 1, 5, 15, 30, 50, 100, 300FtH₂O: 2.3, 12, 35, 69, 115, 231, 692mH₂O: 0.7, 3.5, 10.5, 21, 35, 70, 210Absolute²PSI: 30, 50, 100, 300FtH₂O: 35, 81, 196, 658mH₂O: 10, 24, 59, 200
Compensated0 ̊ to 50 ̊C (32 ̊ to 122 ̊F)
Max operating pressure1.1 x FS
Burst pressure3.0 x FS (for >300 psi (650ft, 200m) contact INW representative)

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