HD1200 Open Channel Flow Meter


  • Advanced level sensing algorithm suppresses the noise level and artifacts and enabled stable measurement.
  • One main unit handles two sensors at once. Two different types of sensors can be installed and each may measures different range.
  • Data logging function to micro SD TM.
  • Flow measurement by measuring catchment level is possible.

Specifikasi Honda Electronic HD1200

Model No. HD1200
Channel 2
Frequency 10 to 60 kHz (select by sensor)
Measurement object liquid / powder
Resolution Measurement 1 mm
display 1 mm
Accuracy ±0.25% F.S.
 Data refresh rate 2 sec. approx. (depends on sensor)
Power source Voltage 100 to 240 V AC ±10 %
Power consumption 10 VA
Display LCD with backlight
Output Alarm 4 points / channel
250VAC, 5 A (relay contact)
4-20mA current Resolution: 1/4000
(Max. load resistance 600Ω)
Interface RS-485 (max. distance: 1200 m or less)
RS-232C (max. distance: 10 m or less)
Memory microSDTM *1
Operation temperature -20 to 70℃
Material ABS
Protection IP66 equivalent
Dimension (WxDxH mm) 176x84x237
Weight 1.8 kg

NOTE : Weir type flowmeter is available on CH1

*1 : microSDTM is a trademark of SD Card Association

Model No. Sensor
TS40-5 TS40T-5
Frequency 40 kHz
Measurement range(1/2 value for powder) 0.3 to 20m 0.3 to 15m
Directive angle (half of full angle) 12°(-6dB)8°(-3dB) 22°(-6dB)16°(-3dB)
Operation temperature -20 to 70℃
Material Epoxy/silicone/ PP PVDF
Protection IP68 equivalent IP68 equivalent
Dimension (mm) dia. 84×90 dia. 98×87
Sensor cable length 5m
Weight 500g 860g
Mounting screw R1 (PT1)
G1 (PF1)
  • NOTE : Weir type flowmeter is available on CH1*1 : microSDTMis a trademark of SD Card Association
  • ●TS40T-5 is chemical resistant.
    ●The sensors cannot be used in hydrofluoric acid environment.

    * Contact us if sensor cable extension is required.

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