Flowma WTF67 Low-cost Turbine Flow Meter

Flowma WTF67 liquid and gas turbine flow meters Turbine flow sensor and receiving from the electrical pulse signal composed of intelligent display devices. Used to measure the low-viscosity liquids in closed conduits instantaneous volume flow and volume in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, aviation, and scientific research departments have been widely used.

Flowma WTF67 Specification

Connection Flange Thread Clamp
Size DN10 to DN300 DN4 to DN65 DN15 to DN50
Fluida Liquid & Gas Liquid
Flow Rate Liquid: 0.2 ~ 800 m3/h
Gas: 2 ~ 6000 m3/h
0.04 ~ 70 m3/h 0.6 ~ 40 m3/h
Temperature Compensation Optional
Material Stainless Steel SUS 316
Accuracy 0.5 % or 1% or 1,5%
Power Supply 24 Vdc or 3,6 V battery Lithium or double power (24 Vdc & 3,6 V battery)
Output Pulse and Analog(4-20mA)
Communiation HART or RS 485
Working Condition Ambient Temperature –20~+65℃
Fluida Temperature ≤120 ℃
Humidity 5%~90%


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