Isoil ISOMAG MS 1000 Electromagnetic Wafer Sensor is easy to assemble thanks to the absence of flanges, it is installed by inserting it between various types of counter flanges (UNI, DIN, ANSI, JIS, etc.). It is suitable for all main applications, particularly in the water market, HVAC and cooling systems. ISOIL Industria offers a wide choice for the MS 1000 wafer sensor, a wide choice of coating materials and for the material for the electrodes.

The sensors for electromagnetic flow meters of the ISOMAG line are used to measure conductive liquids in various applications, thanks to a wide availability of nominal diameters, materials for coatings and electrodes, process connections, and certifications.

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Technical Data

Nominal diameter DN 25 ÷ 400
Minimum conductivity 5 mS/cm
Humidity Range 0÷100% (IP 67)
Accuracy See relevant converter data sheet
CE Certification Yes
Body material Carbon steel painted
Nominal pressure 1600 kPa : all with PP  and Ebonite lining
4000 kPa : PTFE lining up to DN 150
Process connection Wafer Type
Version –  protection rating Compact IP67
Body material Carbon Steel
Lining material Polypropylene (max PN 16)
Ebonite (DN 200 – 400)
PTFE (DN 25 – 150)
Gasket material (ONLY for lining in
Polypropylene )
Liquid temperature 0°C ÷ 60°C with PP lining
-5°C ÷ 80°C with ebonite lining
-20°C ÷ 100°C with PTFE lining in compact version
Vacuum resistance 20 Kpa (absolute) at 100 °C (60/80°C for PP/Ebonite)
Electrodes material Stainless steel AISI 316
Hastelloy C
Body material Stainless steel AISI 304 or 316
Gasket material (ONLY for lining in
Polypropylene )
Liquid temperature -20°C ÷ 110°C with PTFE lining in separate version*
Lining material On request
Electrodes material On request
Version –  protection rating Separate version (max 20m) – IP 68
Separate version (max 500 m), with preamplifier – IP 67
Separate version (max 500 m), with preamplifier – IP 68

Download Datasheet: Isoil Electromagnetic Wafer Sensor MS 1000 ISOMAG