Bamo BAMOFLONIC Ultrasonic Flow Meter applies propagation ultrasonic waves principle to measure the speed of a liquid, then to calculate the corresponding flow-rate. Therefore, It is convenient for liquids electrically conductive or not. Important: The liquid must be clear and homogeneous.

The absence of a moving part ensures its operation without mechanical wear. All wet parts are of PSU or of HD-PE (Sealing: EPDM)

Bamo BAMOFLONIC Ultrasonic Flow Meter Features:

  • 7 models ND 10 to ND 50
  • Flow ranges from 0.3 up to 900 l/min
  • Analogue output: 0/4-20 mA
  • Digital output to set on site
  • Back-lighted display


Flow measurements on conductive and non-conductive liquids in various industrial, cosmetic and food applications.
Examples: Demineralized water, liquid cosmetics, bases, acids, etc.

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Bamo BAMOFLONIC Ultrasonic Flow Meter Specification:

Power supply 24VDC/3.6W
Outputs Digital output: to set as pulses (0.1 to 3000 ml/pulse) or empty tube alert, flowing back alarm, dosage, or min./max. flow alarm.
Analogue output: 0/4 … 20 mA, scalable
Display Alphanumeric back lighted LCD display
Connexion Connector M12 -5 pins (supplied)
Accuracy ±2 % of reading and ±3 mm/s
Repeatability ≤0,5%
Liquid temperature limits: 0… +80 °C for version in PSU, ND 10 to 25
0… +50 °C for version in HD-PE, ND 32 to 50
Pressure limits 16 bar max. at 20 °C (PSU, ND 10 & 15)
10 bar max. at 20 °C (PSU, ND 20 & 25)
7 bar max. at 20 °C (HD-PE, ND 32 to 50)
Protection IP 67 for PSU ND 10 to 25; IP 65 for HD-PE ND 32 to 50
Fittings BSP threads (standard)
PVC Unions (see accessories)
Other fittings on request: Straight tube, Clamp DIN 11864
Materials PSU (Polysulfone): ND 10 to 25; 2 EPDM flat seals
HD-PE: ND 32 to 50; 2 EPDM flat seals
Digital input To start a dosage (Connector M12 – 8 pins)
Accuracy ±1 % of reading and ±3 mm/s, ±6 mm/s for NB 10 – 3/8” (according to VDI/VDE 2642)
Remote interface To set all parameters (Adaptor USB/ RS485 with software), or remote display module

Download Data Sheet: Ultrasonic Flow-Meter BAMOFLONIC