Bamo BAMOFLU 100 Paddle Wheel Flow Sensor

Bamo BAMOFLU 100 Paddle Wheel Flow Sensor

Bamo BAMOFLU 100 Paddle Wheel Flow Sensor causes rotation of a 5-blade paddle wheel with magnetic inserts. Variations of magnetic field produce pulses whose frequency is directly proportional to the speed of the fluid. The liquid may content no more than 2 % of solid particulates, non-magnetite and size < 0.5 mm. The viscosity may be between 0.5 and 20 cSt, beyond which an on-site calibration will be necessary.

Bamo BAMOFLU 100 Features:

  • On-line flow sensor
  • From ND 15 up to ND 600
  • Output: Rectangular pulses
  • Materials: PVC, PPH, PVDF or AISI 316

Commissioning recommendations:

  • The pipeline must always be full
  • Do not have liquid / gas interfaces
  • The flow-rate must be between 0.8 and 10 m/s
    Refer to the manual for the required straight lengths.


BAMOFLU is designed for neutral or slightly aggressive liquids, free from solid particles (demineralized water, pool water after filtration, etc.)

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Bamo BAMOFLU 100 Specification:

Output From 38 to 45 Hz according fitting vs. pipe I.D.
Rectangular pulses, 5 … 24 V DC
Power supply 7 … 30 V DC / 30 mA (stabilized)
Sensor protected against reverse polarity
Measuring range 0.8 … 10 m/s
Accuracy ± 1 % With calibrated frequency converter
Repeatability ±0.5%
Linearity ± 1 %
Pressure limits PPH & PVDF: 10 bar at 20 °C
AISI 316 L: 25 bar (with stainless steel nut)
Temperature limits PVC: 40°C; PPH: 85 °C; PVDF & AISI 316: 100 °C
Body PPH or PVDF or AISI 316 L
Paddle wheel E-CTFE (Halar)
Rotor shaft Ceramic (Al2O3)
Seals FPM (standard); EPDM on request
Connector Plug DIN 43 650, IP 65

Download Data Sheet: Paddle Wheel Flow Sensor BAMOFLU 100


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