Bamo FFG Turbine Flow Sensor

Bamo FFG Turbine Flow Sensor

Bamo FFG Turbine Flow Sensor allows measurements of low flow-rates for remote reading or totalization with appropriate monitors. The dynamic pressure of the liquids makes rotate the turbine. The liquid passes through a nozzle of calibrated diameter, which increases its speed and that of the Turbine. Magnets are integrated to the turbine and activate an Hall effect sensor inside the top cover. The electronic generates a pulsating signal, proportional to the speed of rotation of the turbine and therefore to the flow-rate.

Bamo FFG Turbine Flow Sensor Features:

  • For totalization; For low flow-rates
  • Versions: Or in Arnite, or in PVDF
  • Ranges: From 6 up to 720 l/h
  • High resolution frequency output
  • Fitting: BSP ¼”

Recommendations for assembly:

The FFG works in any position, but it is recommended to mount it on a horizontal axis, with its upper body in a horizontal plane, to obtain reliable and precise measurements. Respect the straight pipe section of 150 mm upstream and 50 mm downstream in order to obtain a uniform flow. Installing an upstream filter prevents suspended particles from blocking the turbine (during commissioning, and, normal operation).

Associated electronics:

  • BIF 6040: Flow indicator and totalizer with options for thresholds and analogue output (Data-sheet 282-01)
  • BCP 48: Counter and downcounter for dosage with 2 set points (Data-sheet 289-03)
  • BAMOTOP 281: Frequency converter for analogue output 0/4-20 mA or 0/5-10 V (Data-sheet 281-01)


  • Neutral or aggressive liquids
  • Clear liquids, non-crystallizing and free of particles.

The flow must be homogeneous and piping always full of liquid. (FFG turbine type is not suitable for measuring gas flow).

Another Article:

Bamo FFG Turbine Flow Sensor Specification:

Flow ranges 6 …35 l/h up to 50 … 300 l/h according nozzle size;
150 … 720 l/h without nozzle
Accuracy ± 1 % F.S. with scale factor 1:10
± 2 % F.S. with scale factor 1:25
Repeatability > 0.25 %
Temperature Ambient: 0 … + 40 °C
Operating range: See the diagram P. vs. T.
Viscosity 0.2 … 20 cSt


Body PVDF or Arnite
Turbine PVDF
Nozzle PTFE
Turbine axes PCTFE
O-ring seal FPM
Power supply 4.5 … 24 V DC
Consumption 5 … 13 mA max.
Output signal Open collector – NPN – Max. load 20 mA
Connections Plug DIN 43650, IP65
Accepted cable 3 x 0.75 mm2, shielded; Max. 100 meters
3 x 0.75 mm2, without shield; Max. 30 meters
Fittings BSP ¼”
Mass 185 g

Download Data Sheet: Turbine Flow Sensor FFG


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