Bamo Vortex Flow Sensor which has no moving mechanical parts, is not affected by a pollution. It is distinguished by a low pressure drop and a good accuracy. The flow sensor is based on the principle of Karman vortex trail. The frequency of vortices generated by the obstacle located in the flow path, is proportional to the flow speed. Turbulence are detected by a piezoelectric paddle, operated by an integrated electronics.

Bamo Vortex Flow Sensor Features:

  • Flow-rate sensor for domestic hot water, drinkable water, demineralised water
  • Measuring range from 0.9 to 150 l/min
  • Pipes from ND 8 to ND 25 mm
  • Output signal: or 4-20 mA or pulses
  • Drinkable water approvals: WRAS,ACS


Flow measurement on domestic hot water, drinkable water or non-conductive liquids such as demineralised water or reverse osmosis water.

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Bamo Vortex Flow Sensor Specification:

Measuring range From 0.9 up to 150 l/min Flow-rate < 50% F.S.: ± 1% F.S.
Accuracy Flow-rate > 50% F.S.: ± 2 %
Response time F.S. Analogue output: < 500 ms Frequency output: < 5 ms
Operating conditions:
Liquids Domestic hot water, potable water, demineralized water < 125
Liquid temperature limit °C
Ambient temperature limits -15 … +85 °C
Storage temperature -30 … +85 °C
Pressure limits vs. Temperature Max. 12 bar at 40 °C / Max. 6 bar at 100 °C (Max. test pressure is 18 bar at 40 °C)
Cavitation Respect the following relation to prevent cavitations
[ Outlet Pabs. / Differential pressure ] > 5.5
Wet parts FDA compliant: ETFE
Sensor paddle
Body with damming insert PA6T/6I (40 % FV)
Sealing EPDM peroxide (FPM on request)

Download Data Sheet: Flow sensor, Vortex type VORTEX