Hoffer HO Series Flow Control Turbine Turbine flowmeters, Gas precision flow measurement Precision flow measurement of industrial gas applications within the process industries.

Hoffer HO Series Features

  • Low cost.
  • Outstanding accuracy.
  • Linearity of +/-1% of reading typical.
    Linearity is density-dependent for a given meter. Consult factory for details.
  • Repeatability +/-.25%
  • Provides wide flow ranges.
  • Repeatable Flow Range: .15 to 12,000 ACFM.
  • Wide variety of process connections available.
  • Operate over a wide range of temperatures and pressures.
  • Exclusive use of hybrid ceramic ball bearings provide superior life.
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  • Overrange : 150% of maximum flow (intermittently).
  • Available Turn Down Range : Dependent on gas density at user‘s operating conditions.
  • Linearity : ±1% of reading typical. ***
  • Repeatability : ±0.25% over tabulated repeatable range.
  • Available Temperature Range : -450°F to +300°F continuous (to +400°F intermittent heat). Dependent on bearing/coil selection.
  • End Fittings : MS flared and flanged styles are recommended. Other types available on request.
  • Bearing Styles : Self-lubricating, ceramic hybrid ball bearings.
  • Materials : 316/316L dual rated stainless steel standard. Consult with applications group for corrosive applications. Broad material list available.

Note: Performance enhancement techniques are routinely applied to produce wider linear and useable flow ranges. This technique is also used to improve linearity and repeatability. Consult the applications group at Hoffer with your requirements.

***Linearity is density-dependent for a given meter. Consult factory for details.***

Download Datasheet : Hoffer Flow Control HO Series Turbine Flow Meter For Gases

Reference : hofferflow.com