Bamo DUG Metallic Flow Controller with Indicator


Bamo DUG Metallic Flow Controller with Indicator  controls and visualizes the flow in a pipe of a fluid free of suspended particles.

Bamo DUG Metallic Features:

• Operates in all positions
• Indicator, plus 1 adjustable contact
• Versions: Stainless steel or brass
• Pressure up to 10 bar
• Flow range: 0.2 … 250 l/min


The liquid drives a magnetic diver inside the cylindrical measuring tube. A spring balances its movement and allows to operate in all positions; The DUG series is convenient for fluids with a viscosity similar to water one. The flow-rate is directly read on the graduated glass tube.


For flow monitoring in cooling circuit, pump protection, etc.

Another Article:


Pressure limit 10 bar
Temperature limits: -20 … 100 °C (Option 160 ° C)
Scales unit l/min of water at 20 °C
Accuracy ±5 % F.S.
Pressure drop 0.02 … 0.8 bar
Flow contact N.O without flow
Hysteresis About 1.5 mm
Connector DIN 43650 plug-in socket
IP 65

Brass version

Anodized aluminum
Fittings, diver Nickel-plated brass
Spring AISI 316 Ti (1.4571)
Seals NBR
Measuring tube Glass DURAN® 50

Stainless steel version

Body Anodized aluminum
Fittings, diver AISI 316 Ti (1.4571)
Spring AISI 316 Ti (1.4571)
Seals FPM
Measuring tube Glass DURAN® 50

Download Data Sheet: Flow Controller with Indicator, Metallic DUG


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