Bamo IDP-A Z60 Flow Transmitter for IDP-A (with magnet diver) 730… series. It converts the float position into a 4-20 mA signal. The transmitter does not require any adjustment on site. Each model is specific to a measuring scale of IDP-A.

Bamo IDP-A Z60 Features:

  • Flow-rate transmitter
  • For IDP-A, with magnetic diver
  • Output signal: 4-20 mA (3-wire)
  • Already set in factory
  • Plug in connector


The flow indicator must integrate a magnetic diver (IDP-A series only).


The transmitter is fixed directly to the flow indicator.


  • Output signal 4 mA corresponds to 10% of full scale; Exception⛶on⛶IDP-A⛶8000:⛶13⛶%).
  • Output signal 20 mA corresponds to 100% of full scale.


For remote indication of flow-rate as indicated by the diver of IDP-A.

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Bamo IDP-A Z60 Specification:

Power supply 12 … 24 V DC (± 10%)
Consumption < 50 mA
Resistor load Max. 500 Ω
Analogue output 4-20 mA (3-wire)
Protection IP65 – Plug set DIN 43650
Temperature limits Ambient: 0 … 50 °C

Download Data Sheet: Flow Transmitter for IDP-A Z60 – IDP/A