Model dan Tipe Flowmeter Electromagnetic Alia

Berikut Jenis dan model Flow meter,  flow sensor, converter dan flow  transmitter brand Alia Electromagnetic Flow Meter Electromagnetic Flow Sensor Electromagnetic Flow Transmitter / Converter Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Sensor Wafer Electromagnetic flow Sensor AMF301 Series AMF301 Series is a threaded type electromagnetic flowmeter ideal for conductive liquids. It comes in sizes from 4 to 25Lanjutkan membaca “Model dan Tipe Flowmeter Electromagnetic Alia”

Flowmeter Ultrasonic Alia AUF200 Series water meter

Alia AUF200 Series Ultrasonic water meter Alia AUF200 Series measure flow or energy of water running in heating/cooling pipe by temperature sensor based on ultrasonic flowmeter. It’s simple, easy to install and battery-powered, no need for external power. It can display flow rate, total flow, total heat, totally cool, heat power, and supply/return temperature, etc.Lanjutkan membaca “Flowmeter Ultrasonic Alia AUF200 Series water meter”

Flowmeter Ultrasonic Portable Alia AUF610

Alia Portable Flow Meter | Alia AUF610 Ultrasonic Flowmeter Flowmeter Ultrasonic Portable Alia  AUF610 series is a portable transit-time ultrasonic flowmeter with clamp-on transducers for non-invasive liquid measurement. Based on microprocessor and programmable flow measurement techniques the process flow can be accurately measured without interrupting the flow and with low installation costs. FEATURES 4 lineLanjutkan membaca “Flowmeter Ultrasonic Portable Alia AUF610”

Comate VFM60MV Multivariable Digital Vortex Flow meter

Multivariable Digital Vortex Flow meter Tipe MultiVariable Comate VFM60MV Multivariable DIgital Vortex Flowmeteradalah solusi integral untuk aliran massa / pengukuran aliran standar uap, udara terkompresi dan gas. Pemancar tekanan dan suhu terintegrasi untuk kompensasi kepadatan, dapat mengukur suhu, tekanan, kepadatan, aliran massa, dan aliran standar secara langsung. Keuntungan Pemancar kompensasi tekanan & tekanan bawaan· ProbeLanjutkan membaca “Comate VFM60MV Multivariable Digital Vortex Flow meter”

Rheonik RHE14 Low-cost Mass Flow Transmitter

The RHE14 is a low-cost mass flow transmitter ideal for OEM and embedded system use. The RHE14 is a DIN rail mount and configured through a native RS232 data port. The RHE14 can be used with all RHM Coriolis Sensors. MEASUREMENTS Mass Flow Temperature  OUTPUTS 1 Analog 1 Pulse / Frequency  2 Digital INPUTS 1Lanjutkan membaca “Rheonik RHE14 Low-cost Mass Flow Transmitter”

Seametrics Multi Jet MJ-Series water flow sensor

Multi Jet MJ-Series water flow sensor |  Flow Meter Turbine MJ-Series meters use the multi-jet principle, which has been an internationally-accepted standard for many years. This type of meter is known for its wide range, simplicity, and accuracy in low-quality water. Seametrics offers cold or hot water models. The impeller is centered in a ringLanjutkan membaca “Seametrics Multi Jet MJ-Series water flow sensor”