Float Type Level Transmitter

Feature For indicating the liquid level and alarming to control. Easy to install and is generally used.  Able to control the motor continuously.  Able to control power separately.  Able to use in chemical, industrial wastewater, or food tank.  A coated sensor with PVC or PTFE is available for chemical tanks.  High-temperature type or high viscosityLanjutkan membaca “Float Type Level Transmitter”

Magnetic Flow meter

The Magnetic flow meters are known as an electromagnetic flow meter or more commonly just called a mag meter.is very famous after the turbine flow meters and a positive displacement flow meter.  A magnetic field is applied to the metering tube, which results in a potential difference proportional to the flow velocity perpendicular to the flux lines. TheLanjutkan membaca “Magnetic Flow meter”

LEEG SMP858-NSF Industrial Differential Pressure Transmitter

SMP858-NSF monosilicon pressure transmitter is the best hygienic pressure transmitter meticulously designed by LEEG Instrument, with the world’s most advanced silicon pressure sensor technology and patent encapsulation process. SMP858-NSF adopts full isolation seal structure to eliminate the humidity effects, suitable for severe wet cleaning occasion; double diaphragm overload protection structure to achieve the highest overloadLanjutkan membaca “LEEG SMP858-NSF Industrial Differential Pressure Transmitter”

LEEG Pressure Transmitter, Sensor and Switch

LEEG adalah produk yang dibuat oleh Shanghai LEEG Instruments Co.,Ltd. Merupakan perusahan china yang berfokus pada pressure, baik transmitter, sensor maupun switch. LEEG memiliki banyak sertifikat sistem manajemen mutu seperti ISO9001, ATEX, IECEX, 3-A, EHEDG, CE & RoHS certificates, CMC license, design patent certificates, sehingga produknya dapat bersaing dengan produk-produk yang lain dengan harga yangLanjutkan membaca “LEEG Pressure Transmitter, Sensor and Switch”

Rheonik RHE 28 – Field / Wall Mount Mass flow transmitter

RHE 28 – FIELD / WALL MOUNT The RHE28 is an advanced function transmitter in a rugged epoxy coated enclosure designed for field mounting. With enclosure ratings up to IP67, the RHE28 has the flexibility to be installed in both ordinary and hazardous areas (Zone 2).  Multifunction capability provides real time mass and volumetric flowLanjutkan membaca “Rheonik RHE 28 – Field / Wall Mount Mass flow transmitter”

Rheonik RHE 27 – Rack/Panel Mount

The RHE27 is an advanced function transmitter designed for rack or panel mounting in an indoor environment. Multifunction capability provides real time mass and volumetric flow plus density and temperature indication with the option of connecting external sensors such as pressure transducers or precision densitometers for even greater measurement accuracy.   Features such as APILanjutkan membaca “Rheonik RHE 27 – Rack/Panel Mount”