Hengesbach – LEVELTEC S Capasitive Level Probe

The level probes of type LEVELTEC are suitable for liquid media. Due to the capacitive measuring process, the LEVELTEC devices can reliably detect a wide range of conductive and non-conductive media. The dielectric constant (DC value) of the medium can easily be stored if the teach-in-key „HIGH“ in the level probe is briefly pressed. The… Baca Selengkapnya

KEP Meter Intellect-69PM2 (INT69PM2) Process Monitor with Analog Inputs

The Intellect-69PM2 is a process monitor that accepts analog signal inputs and has a featuring 41/2 digits of bright, 7-segment LED displays. The unit can be field programmed to accept 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V or 1-5V signals. Two assignable setpoints are standard for high/low alarm outputs. The high and low scaling settings (-9999 to 49999)… Baca Selengkapnya

KEP Meter mL-CS8 Temperature Data Logging 8 Channel

8 CHANNEL RTD PT-100 SCANNER WITH 10 RELAYS The mL-CS8 series 8 channel PT100 scanner devices are designed for measuring and logging temperature. They can be used in many applications with their PT-100 process input, alarm outputs, selectable alarm functions, RS-232 / RS-485 communications. Application Fields Glass, Plastic, Petro-Chemistry, Textile, Automotive, Machine production industries. Applications… Baca Selengkapnya

Radar Level Sensor

Working Principle of Radar Level Sensor Continuous Radar level sensor provides a non-contact continuous level measurement of difficult liquids and solids that cannot be measured with the ultrasonic sensor. Radar level antenna emits narrow microwave pulses that transmitted down by the antenna. The microwave comes into contact with the measured medium surface then reflected back and… Baca Selengkapnya

Vantsu SC-YC Series, Vibrating Probe Level Switch

Vibrating Probe Level Switch is point level switches that are designed to detect low or high levels of liquids. The SC-YC Series is based on the vibrating tuning fork principle, using piezoelectric crystals. The switch vibrates at a resonant frequency. When the tuning fork is submerged in the product, the frequency changes. FEATURES Mounting on… Baca Selengkapnya