ChannelFlo™ OCRM Flocorp

Guided Wave Radar Open Channel Flow Meter The ChannelFlo™ OCRM flow meter is an all-in-one solution preconfigured for open channel flow. The Tracer 1000 radar level meter and DigaTouch/eXmod display are coupled together to form the OCRM meter. As a stand alone meter, the Tracer 1000 has range of 2 inches to 65 feet andLanjutkan membaca “ChannelFlo™ OCRM Flocorp”

FLocorp CalFlo™ CFHM Thermal Mass Flow Control

FLocorp CalFlo™ CFHM is field adjustable and provides a 4-20 mA output for flow rate. The hollow stainless steel tube acts as the sensing device and provides intrusion-free flow monitoring. Typical applications include chemical dosing, oil lubrication monitoring, food and beverage processing, light to medium viscosity fluids, and a variety of other industrial applications. SelectLanjutkan membaca “FLocorp CalFlo™ CFHM Thermal Mass Flow Control”

Flocorp CalFlo™ CFTM Thermal Mass Flow and Temperature Meter

Flocorp CalFlo™ CFTM Thermal Mass Flow and Temperature Meter is designed to maintain accuracy for many years. With standard features such as highly accurate temperature sensing with auto-self-calibration, it becomes the most exciting flow sensor in decades. The Modbus version presents the user with analog flow and temperature, has a totalizing counter and provides independentLanjutkan membaca “Flocorp CalFlo™ CFTM Thermal Mass Flow and Temperature Meter”

Seametrics-Pressure & Level Sensor

LevelScoutLow-cost Level & Temperature Datalogging BaroScoutLow-cost Barometric Datalogging PT2XPressure & Temperature With Datalogging PT2X-BVBarometric & Vacuum With Datalogging         PT12Pressure & Temperature with Modbus & SDI-12 Interface PT12-BVBarometric & Temperature with Modbus & SDI-12 Interface PS9800Pressure & Optional Temperature With 4-20mA Interface PS98iPressure With 4-20mA Interface For further information please contact :Lanjutkan membaca “Seametrics-Pressure & Level Sensor”

Seametrics Flow Rate and Total Indicator – FT400 Series

Flow Trasnmitter FT400 Series adalah indikator / pemancar berbasis mikrokontroler yang berinteraksi dengan sensor aliran output pulsa untuk menghitung dan menampilkan laju aliran, total aliran, dan juga menghasilkan sinyal output yang mewakili aliran. FT430 dan FT450 memiliki satu output scaled pulse dan satu pulse  melewati. FT440 memiliki dua output scaled pulse. Isolasi galvanik disediakan untukLanjutkan membaca “Seametrics Flow Rate and Total Indicator – FT400 Series”

Emerson Rosemount 3051CFP Wireless Integral Orifice Flow Meter

Maximize installation and application flexibility  with the coplanar platform ■ Improve reliability and performance with integrated DP Flow meters, DP Level solutions, and integral manifolds. ■ Easy installation with all solutions fully assembled, leak-tested, and calibrated. ■ Meet your application needs with an unsurpassed offering. Proven best-in-class performance, reliability, and safety ■ More than seven million installed ■ Reference accuracy 0.04Lanjutkan membaca “Emerson Rosemount 3051CFP Wireless Integral Orifice Flow Meter”