MLS Lanny – Regulating Valve G1/4 Standard

Proportional valve for harmless* gases air, nitrogen or inert gases and for oxygen with oxygen-approved seals Outlet pressure range up to 725 psi (50 bar) Connections G 1/4 Standard flow volume max. 800 Nl/min Made of brass or stainless steel Seals depending on the medium (standard NBR) Analog, digital or field bus control Specification Pressure… Baca Selengkapnya

Elektrogas Control Valves VRA, VLA, VTA

Elektrogas Valve VRA VLA VTA Solenoid Valves for Combustion Air Regulation The VRA/VLA/VTA types are normally closed solenoid valves for cold combustion air regulation. When the coil is not energized the spring works on the disc, keeping the adjusted minimum passage of air. When powering the coil the valve opens, moving the disc to the… Baca Selengkapnya

Elektrogas Control Valves SR, SL, ST

Solenoid Control Valve SR, SL, ST Solenoid actuator for butterfly valves Solenoid actuators are designed to operate VF and VFH butterfly valves. When the coil is not energized the innerspring pushes down the plunger and, by means of a gear mating, shifts the connected valve to the minimum opening position. When the coil is powered the… Baca Selengkapnya

Elektrogas Control Valves MZ

Servo motor for control valves  Elektrogas Servo motors MZ is designed to operate VF, VFT, and VFH butterfly valves and LMV linear modulating valves. MZ2 and MZ3 types are suitable for basic adjusting position, operated by cams connected to the driving shaft. MZ5 type is suitable for advanced adjusting position, controlled by analog signals with very… Baca Selengkapnya