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Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

Rheonik Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

With highly accurate measurement performance and extreme capabilities, Rheonik meters are a natural choice for many applications and quickly provide payback through improved product quality and greatly reduced maintenance. Whether used for transfer, batching, process feed or control, Rheonik meters can provide online flow and density measurement.
Our Coriolis Technology is based on a unique torsional oscillator. Other than conventional Coriolis sensors, the Rheonik sensor offers a torsion axis enhanced oscillation translating into a better measurement.
  • Coriolis Mass Flow Sensor

Rheonik RHM 015 Coriolis(<0,6 kg/min)

Rheonik RHM 02 Coriolis (<2 kg/min)

Rheonik RHM 03 Coriolis (<5kg/min)

Rheonik RHM 04 Coriolis(<10 kg/min)

Rheonik RHM 06 (<20 kg/min)

Rheonik RHM 08 (<50 kg/min)

Rheonik RHM 12 Coriolis (<100 kg/min)

Rheonik RHM 15 Coriolis (<200 kg/min)

Rheonik RHM 20 Coriolis (<300 kg/min)

Rheonik RHM 30 Coriolis (<750 kg/min)

Rheonik RHM 40Coriolis (<1500 kg/min)

Rheonik RHM 60 Coriolis (<3000 kg/min)

Rheonik RHM 80 Coriolis (<8000 kg/min)

Rheonik RHM 100 Coriolis (<12000 kg/min)

Rheonik RHM 160 Coriolis (<30000 kg/min)

  • Coriolis Mass Flow Transmitter

Rheonik RHE12- Hazardous Area

Rheonik RHE14 -DIN Rail Mount

Rheonik RHE 15 -Profibus DP Module