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RHM 02 Coriolis Flow Sensor

The Coriolis mass flow sensor type RHM02 is available with a wide selection of wetted materials and the highest pressure and temperature ratings in the market.  It is suitable for all low flow applications where high accuracy is a must.



Suitable for virtually any mass flow application, such as:

  • Mixing and Batching
  • Additive Dosing
  • General flow control
  • Chemical Injections
  • Package and Container Filling
  • High Pressure Gas Dispensing
  • Polyurethane, Paint, Adhesives


The outstanding features include:

  • Suitable for pressure up to 1220 bar / 17695 psi
  • Typical measuring ranges from 0.02 up to 2 kg/min
  • Flow Accuracy of 0.1% of rate
  • Repeatability better than 0.05%

More Information please click : RHM 02 brochure