ONICON F3200 series



ONICON F-3200 inline electromagnetic flow meters are suitable for measuring electrically conductive liquids in a wide variety of applications. The F-3200 can be configured to provide analog outputs for flow rate, programmable pulse outputs for flow totalization and serial communications via an RS485 network.


Exceptional Performance & Accuracy –  F-3200 series inline meters deliver unmatched accuracy in installations with just three diameters of straight pipe upstream of the meter! Easy to Install and Use –  Every ONICON meter is individually wet calibrated and programmed for the application – saving start-up and commissioning time! Excellent Long Term Reliability –  ONICON electromagnetic flow meters have no moving parts and employ state-of-the-art electronics, ensuring years of accurate, trouble-free performance. Redundant Outputs – The F-3200 series inline meters can be ordered with an additional, redundant analog output. This optional feature can provide a cost-effective alternative in Mission Critical applications which require redundant flow measurements.


• Chilled water, hot water, condenser water and water/ glycol/brine solutions used in HVAC • Bi-directional flow for primary/secondary bypass • Process flow with conductivity greater than 5 μS/cm • Domestic/municipal water


Every ONICON F-3200 flow meter is wet calibrated in a flow laboratory against standards that are directly traceable to international standards. A certificate of calibration accompanies every meter.



  • ACCURACY ± 0.2% of reading from 1.6 to 33 ft/s ± 0.0033 ft/s at flow rates < 1.6 ft/s
  • SENSING METHOD Electromagnetic sensing (no moving parts)
  • FLUID TEMPERATURE RANGE Refer to Liner Selection Table below
  • OUTER BODY MATERIALS OPTIONS Carbon Steel, painted Stainless Steel
  • FLOW TUBE (Internal) 304 Stainless Steel
  • CONNECTION TYPES AVAILABLE Wafer ANSI Class 150 flange ANSI Class 300 flange
  • ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS Removable terminal blocks, for use with 18-22 AWG shielded cable
  • FLUID CONDUCTIVITY 5 μS/cm minimum
  • POWER SUPPLY Low Power, 24 VAC/DC, 12 VA typical High Power, 120 – 240 VAC, 12 VA typical
  • DISPLAY Backlit 16-character, 8-line graphic LCD displays: flow rate and velocity, flow direction and totals, short term data and error messages

                      • Isolated 4-20 mA analog output for flow rate

                     • Two (2) isolated programmable digital/pulse outputs (configurable for flow frequency, pulse, alarm or flow direction)

                     • MODBUS® RTU (RS485)

                     • Redundant output with second isolated analog output for flow rate and two additional isolated programmable pulse outputs


                      • Epoxy painted aluminum housing, NEMA 4 (IP67)

                      • Remote mount, maximum distance from the sensor – up to 325 ft at conductivities ≥ 200 μS/cm


Reference : https://www.onicon.com/products/f-3000-series-inline-electromagnetic-flow-meter/