Level Swicth Adalah Switch/Saklar yang digunakan untuk mengukur kedalaman cariran maupun bubuk. Level switch dapat digunakan untuk mengontrol pompa, sebagai indikator, alarm, atau untuk mengontrol perangkat lain.

Rotary Level Switch

Fine Tek – SE Series Rotary Paddle Level Switch
  • Very suitable for small tanks and low density materials
  • Adjustable and extendible shaft models available
  • A wide variety of paddles are available
  • Rugged sealing ring prevents dust from infiltrating the housing body along the shaft.
  • Adjustable torque.
Parker – JB Series Mini Rotary Paddle Level Switch
  • A compact type product that can be easily maintained and repaired in small spaces
  • Optimum for controlling powders and fine particles such as flour, wheat, sugar, and plastic materials.
  • Highly sensitive with buil-in springs that can be adjusted to four levels
  • Usable in various kinds of small hoppers such as grain tanks and rice husk tanks
Parker JC Series
  • Detection of the heights of stored goods
  • Using mechanical detection methods, these types are not affected by temperatures, humidity, gases, etc. in the tank
  • Made with aluminum cases, these types can be installed and used outdoors
  • Customizatin with a various length of shaft.

Floating Level Swicth