Xonic 100P Portable flowmeter

Portable Ultrasonic Flow meter model Xonic 100P is fully digitalized, easy-to-use portable flowmeter with only 2.4Kg weight. The Xonic 100P portable flowmeter connectors are submersible design which can be used under harsh environmental conditions including rain and sun light. Basic model has two pair of transducer connectors for dual paths or dual channels. Portable ultrasonic flowmeter The Xonic 100P uses patent fine-timeTM DSP technology to measure virtually any type of liquids with less than 30% solids or bubbles, such as clean water, waste water, crude oil, etc.Xonic-100P Clamp-On portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter is fully digital, state-of-art flowmeters using DSP (digital signal processing) technology to measure time difference of ultrasonic signals. Please read this manual carefully and make installation. Xonic 100 will keep best accuracy.



  • Transit-Time Ultrasonic DSP technology
  • Rugged Case, IP67 Water Proof
  • Clamp-On, Transit-Time
  • 1 path, or dual path or 2 channel functions
  • IP67 Connectors
  • IP67 All Weather Case
  • Battery operated up to 10 hours operation
  • Submersible IP68 Transducers
  • Touch Key programming + Remocon
  • Patented AR Mode
  • Patented Fine – TimeTM Measuring Technology
  • DSP Functions – Cross Correlation, FFT\
  • Oscilloscope Function
  • Flow Velocity 0.02~12.0 m/sec
  • Large Color LCD Display
  • Large Color LCD Display
  • Pulse Output
  • Analog Output
  • RS-232C Communication
  • Datalogging Function with Xonic Software
  • Weight 2.4Kg


  • As Standard Flowmeter :  Xonic 100P can be used to check the performance of field flowmeters.
  • The Xonic 100P can be used to compare field flowmeters performance.
  •  As Field Flowmeter : The Xonic 100P as portable device to spot-check various flow installation for virtually any liquids of up to 30% solids or bubbles

Types of Liquids

The Xonic 100P has very strong signal, which can measure various liquids such as clean water, waste water, milk, manure, lime stone slurry, oil, gasoline, etc. Normally, transit-time is only for clean water, but Xonic 100P can measure all types of liquids using our patented fine-time TM DSP technology.

  • Clean Liquids – Municipal Water, De-Ionized Water
  • Acids, Benzene, Milk, Beer
  • Crude Oil, Diesel, Alcohol
  • Waste Water, Lime Stone Slurries, Manure

Installation Steps

Select best point for transducer installation

  1. input GENERAL DATA
  2. select CHANNEL
  3. input PIPE DATA
  4. select LIQUID TYPE
  5. select FLOW UNIT & TOTAL UNIT
  6. select DATALOGGER


TypePortable Clamp-on Ultrasonic
PrincipleAR Mode, Transit-Time
Accuracy±1.0%, RD, ±0.5% with dual path
Measuring Pipe Size12 ~ 6000 mm
Measuring Velocity Range±0.02 ~ ±12.0 m/sec
Turn Down Ratio500:1
Sensitivity0.003 m/sec
Output4-20mADC for flow
Relay for total
RS-232C for communication
Datalogger8 Mbytes (500,000 loggers)
DisplayGraphic Color LCD Display
Flow (4.5 digits)
Total (12 digits)
Ultrasonic Signal Shape
(Oscilloscope Function)
Delta T, Signal Strength
Operating TempFlow Computer -20~+60℃
Transducers -40~+120℃
PowerAC110~220V, free voltage
IP RatingFlow Computer IP67
(work under rains)
Transducers IP68
TransducersSize A, 6~50mm pipes
Size B, 20~100mm pipes
Size C, 50~300mm pipes
Size D, 200~1000mm pipes
Size E, 500~6000mm pipes

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