Bamo BAMOMATIC Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Bamo BAMOMATIC Electromagnetic Flow Meter  is a flow meter based on the principle of electromagnetic induction to measure flow-rate on electrically conductive liquids ( > 20 μS/cm). They are perfectly suited for dosing or totalizing liquids. Each instrument is calibrated on a bench test at ± 5 pulses for 1000 pulses (Water at 20 °Lanjutkan membaca “Bamo BAMOMATIC Electromagnetic Flow Meter”

Isoil Sensor for Flow Meter

ISOIL Industria is a global manufacturer and supplier of electromagnetic and ultrasonic flowmeters for liquids, thanks to HEMINA, its production centre, and LIBRA, its accredited calibration laboratory. With product lines covering Flow, Levels, Energy Measurement, Analysis, Automation and Controls, Hardware Systems, and Software, we operate mainly in the sectors of the integrated water cycle, HVAC, industrial automation, security, and transport control, food andLanjutkan membaca “Isoil Sensor for Flow Meter”

McCROMETER FPI Mag Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter

McCROMETER FPI Mag Electromagnetic Flow Meter is ideal for capital or maintenance projects, retrofits and sites never before metered. The unique combination of accuracy, ease of installation and total cost savings make the FPI Mag the perfect choice for a wide range of Municipal and Industrial Applications. It really is The Next Generation Mag Meter.Lanjutkan membaca “McCROMETER FPI Mag Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter”

McCROMETER McMag 2000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter

McCROMETER McMag 2000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter saddle mount meter offers modular design to ensure McMag 2000 continues to have low cost of ownership, the main components can be easily and affordably updated in field without downtime.The meter is available to fit a common range of agricultural line sizes, from 4” to 12” diameter pipe orLanjutkan membaca “McCROMETER McMag 2000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter”

McCROMETER McMag 3000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter

McCrometer’s award-winning Mc Mag 3000™ provides growers and irrigators with a new alternative for flow measurement. With a 5-year meter warranty, a 5-year battery life, and saddle mount design, the Mc Mag 3000 delivers the dependability and ease-ofinstallation McCrometer has provided to the agricultural market for nearly 60 years. The electromagnetic sensor offers accuracy asLanjutkan membaca “McCROMETER McMag 3000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter”

McCROMETER SPI Mag Electromagnetic Flow Meter

McCROMETER SPI Mag Electromagnetic Flow Meter is a hot tappable single point insertion flow meter for measuring forward flow. The sensor is available for oneinch or two-inch taps, depending upon line size and application. The SPI Mag is a cost effective flow meter solution with a purchase price that is independent of line size makingLanjutkan membaca “McCROMETER SPI Mag Electromagnetic Flow Meter”