Flow Computer SFC-3000 Flow Meter Group

  The SFC3000 is far more than just a dedicated flow computer. It can operate on several levels from a supervisory machine to a stand-alone flow computer or as a system component. With its touch screen, VGA display, and extensive processing capabilities, combined with simple to use controls and unique operating software it can functionLanjutkan membaca “Flow Computer SFC-3000 Flow Meter Group”

KEP Meter ST1-NET-FC Net Rate and Net Total Flow Computer

The ST1-NET-FC Flow Computer can monitor actual net flow and total of any liquid. (Common applications include boiler and diesel engine fuel consumption measurement) Flow alarms are provided via relays and data logging is available via analog (4-20mA) and serial outputs. Feature Displays Supply, Return and Net Rate/Total Supports Pulse Producing Flowmeters Turbine, Positive Displacement,Lanjutkan membaca “KEP Meter ST1-NET-FC Net Rate and Net Total Flow Computer”

KEP Meter ST1-SUM-FC Rate/Total Flow Computer

m Fluids User Entry of Fluid Properties (10 Selectable) Menu Selectable Hardware & Software Features Data Logging of Sum of Rate/Total Two Line LCD, OLED or VFD Display Isolated Pulse and Analog Outputs Standard RS-232 Port Standard, RS-485 Optional Windows™ Setup Software DDE Server & HMI Software Available   Another Article:The Technology of Ultrasonic FlowmeterWorkingLanjutkan membaca “KEP Meter ST1-SUM-FC Rate/Total Flow Computer”