Copal Digital Pressure Gauge

Copal pressure gauge, integrated production in-house from the semiconductor sensor elements to the final products. To Amp. built-in type from the module type, and even boasts a rich line-up such as the type which includes a switch function and indicators. Line with customer needs, a business structure that can fine-grained correspondence is also one of the features.

The PG series pressure gauges are pressure gauges composed of a semiconductor type pressure sensor, electronic circuits and a display that measures pressure and displays the pressure in the digital/numerical value. The option includes those with a pressure switch function and an analog output function. The pressure setting for the pressure switch can be made looking at the digital pressure display.

  • Copal Digital Pressure gauge PG-30
  • Copal Digital Pressure gauge  PG-35
  • Copal Digital Pressure gauge  PG-35H
  • Copal Digital Pressure gauge  PG-35L
  • Copal Digital Pressure gauge  PG-75
  • Copal Digital Pressure gauge PG-200
  • Copal Digital Pressure gauge PG-208

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