Bmeters IWM-PL3 Electronic Pulse Emitter

Bmeters IWM-PL3 Electronic Pulse Emitter

Bmeters IWM-PL3 is suitable for remote reading applications in commercial and industrial sectors, acting as an electronic pulse-emitter. It allows the acquisition of the consumption of the counter by third-party systems with a universal interface and integrating advanced counting functions and fraud detections.

The use of an inductive target on the meter dial excludes the possibility of magnetic fraud and makes the application insensitive to the pipes vibrations.

The IWM-PL3 is compatible with all the pre-equipped multiple jet meters (wet, semi-dry & dry dial) and allows:

Bmeters IWM-PL3 Technical Features

Output signal Supply: maximum 30VDC (100mA) Type: Polarized open-collector
Cable length 1,5 meters (4 conductors)
Compatible water meters GMDM-I, GMB-RP-I, GMB-I
Pulse output minimum value (K) 1 liter
Energy supply Non-replaceable lithium battery, maximum lifetime 10 years*
Protection class IP68**
Weight 122 g
Size (l x p x h, cable excluded) 88 x 69 x 28 mm
Working Temperature +1° / +55°C
Module programming requirements Android device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) with an NFC interface and the NFC IWM Config APP freely downloadable from GOOGLE PLAY
  • The battery life strongly depends on the working time window, set during the configuration process, and on the environmental conditions.
    ** IP68: maximum 24 hours of continuous submersion at 1 m depth.

Download Datasheet: Bmeters IWM-PL3 Electronic pulse emitter module for multi jet water meters


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